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You may be wondering how your residential or commercial location could benefit from Access Control in Whitby. It is a fair question to ponder and we will be happy to answer it for you here and now. As a local locksmith in Whitby, Ontario we understand that the lock and key process is a considerable adversary in access control. However, we take our services a bit further. We provide a wide assortment of services that provide controlled access for the home or business.Access Control system Whitby

Keyless Entry: No Keys Needed

The keyless entry system is very popular with residences and commercial domains. A personal code is utilized in lieu of traditional keys to gain entrance to the location. Locksmith Whitby provides outstanding access control residential and commercial services at prices that cannot be beat. These systems are affordable and we install them quickly and accurately.

Fingerprint Technology

In case you did not know it every human fingerprint is unique. This fact provides an excellent opportunity to restrict access to sensitive areas in the home or business. Fingerprint technology is more common in the business community. The employee places their finger on a fingerprint reader that instantly identifies and grants or restricts access.

Magnetic Card Readers

Magnetic card readers are another effective form of controlling access without the use of traditional keys. Each card can be programmed to provide access to specific areas in the business. Our experts can install these systems fast and you will be totally pleased with the results.

Quality Installation and Repair

We provide quality installation and access control repair for homes and businesses in Whitby, Ontario. We are a detail oriented company that provides professional results for less than the competition. Our friendly approach to customer service combined with extensive experience and training have made us the most sought after access control service in the area. To enhance your access options contact our Whitby Locksmith today!