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Electric Strike System

Electric Strike System Whitby

Repairs, new installations, replacements, and all services anyone may need for an electric strike system in Whitby, Ontario, can be assigned to our team. We are an experienced locksmith company with the knowledge required to serve all electric strike system service needs in Whitby.

Are you interested in an electric door strike intercom system for your business? Planning some security improvements and among other things, you seek locksmiths who can replace a door’s strike with an electric door strike system? Do you use such a system but lately have some issues with it?

Reach out to Whitby Locksmith. We are the company to trust with all services on all types of electric strike systems.

In Whitby, electric strike system repair and services

Whether we are talking about a fail-secure or fail-safe electric strike system, Whitby service pros are at your disposal for any job – from repairs to maintenance.

  •          If you are having problems, don’t wait. Contact us instead for electric strike system repair. No matter what caused the problem, the pros find and fix it.
  •          Do you need an electric strike system to take the place of a simple strike system? Say the word.
  •          Do you want to have the present electric door strike system – and perhaps, the door’s access control system – routinely serviced? Turn to our team.

Trust us with the installation of a new electric door strike system

We are ready to serve those of you who want a new electric door strike system – either type. Any model for any application. Electric strikes often go hand in hand with access control systems or automatic door operators. In our team, not only do we have experience with all such systems and keep updated but are also ready to suggest the best products to our customers. Of course, we take into account the type of door and lock, the needs of the customer, the local building regulations, and other variables to offer proper consultation. Also, to make sure your new electric strike is aligned with the most recent guidelines and all standards. And that the system covers your needs.

All models are properly set up. The pros consider the product’s specs, the structure, the doorframe, and all factors to correctly install the new electric strike. With the right product and its flawless installation, the building’s security is increased and so is access control. If you want to talk about the installation of a new electric strike system, Whitby locksmiths are at your service.