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Ignition Key Change

Whitby Locksmith offers outstanding ignition key change service and much more for our customers in Whitby, ON. Our highly trained automotive locksmith technicians know their way around the ignition. We have years of experience providing locksmith services related to ignitions and automotive door locks. Our honest approach to business and our friendly customer service has made us one of the most popular locksmith services in the area. Earning the respect of our customer is an ongoing process. We are instantly defined by the latest project we provide.Ignition Key Change

In our business the results you provide become your calling card and cement your reputation in the community. Whether we are providing ignition service for the vehicle or providing a wide assortment of locksmith options for the residential and commercial community; we always put our best foot forward. That is the only way we know how to do business and the customers we serve would not have it any other way.

Changing Ignition Keys

If a customer has reasonable doubt that their vehicle keys have fallen into the wrong hands they have the option of pursuing an ignition key change. Our experts will alter the lock cylinder to accept a new set of keys and it will not take them very long to complete the process. We charge fair rates for this procedure and we ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Ignition Replacement

If the ignition itself is the problem Locksmith Whitby can replace the entire ignition with one that works. Replacing the ignition is easy for our trained and experienced professionals. Sometimes a customer will break their key off in the ignition, which can be a very discouraging moment. Our specialists will remove the key quickly and have them back on the road in no time. We also provide standard lock installation, rekey, repair and replacement services for homes and businesses. Give us a call today.