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Lock Rekey

locks rekeyThe expert teams of our company Rekey Locks efficiently, fast and 24/7 knowing that a new key will contribute dramatically to your security. People usually rekey their locks when they move to new properties but the same service is equally necessary when a co-tenant moves out or an employee of your company is dismissed. The experts of Whitby Locksmith will also advise you to rekey the locks of your office or apartment when the key is damaged but you have no sufficient budget for the replacement of locks.

The experience of all teams at our company is of the utmost importance because people in Ontario need to trust reliable and well-trained technicians. There are numerous problems, which may jeopardize your security, but when it comes to obvious ones associated with your keys, it’s best to contact our company immediately. Preventing issues resulting from distorted keys is vital. It is equally important to call for key change when other people have your keys, too.

Why take risks? Locks rekey means changing parts of the lock so that it will only operate with a completely different key. This way, you won’t have trouble with the condition of the key, will escape the hassle of a potential lockout due to key damage and prevent intrusions by unauthorized people, who might happen to still hold on to your personal keys.

When you need key replacement, our technicians will respond fast and complete the service in just minutes. The excellent equipment of our Locksmith in Whitby and the great experience of every technician at our company are your guarantee for our immediate response and certainly services. Do you have a master key system installed at your office and want to rekey a specific lock or replace a certain key? Rest assured that our experts will provide top services for all customers in Whitby quickly and efficaciously.